February 11, 2012

Paris on your fingertips

Ain't a fan of Underworld, yet I went to watch Underworld: Awakening after our lunch. Luckily I still managed to catch up the story line while I missed the first three movies; they did rewind some of the important scene at the beginning of the movie. Apparently, I kinda love the story which relates vampires and lycanthropes, too bad the movie is short and finish in a blink. I want more!

Macaron . RM14 for 5 pieces

Ever heard about the French sinfully confectionery, the macaron which is now quite popular? Went to Macaron Cafe at Gurney after the movie, regretted that I didn't went to Levain Boulangerie Patisserie when I was still in KL. Smack. The lovely hostess chose the flavor for us, she left out the lavender flavor because she scared we can't accept the taste. How lovely she is! We had vanilla, mocha, strawberry, chocolate mint and pistachio flavors; I just love those colors on the plate. While you eat macaron, this is when Paris on your fingertips! Laugh

Macaron Cafe
Add: 170-06-01A, Gurney Plaza, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang.
Business Hour: 10am-10pm (Monday to Tuesday, Sunday); 10am-12am (Wednesday to Saturday)
Contact Number: 604-2294389

. . . . . . . . . . 

Eat . Eat . Eat


  1. here is 1st, xD
    i will only leave when you ask to... :)

  2. Ai ren, it's so lovely but you cannot leave, until the end of the world, Bcoz anyhow you are important to me!! Muakx you much ha :)

  3. I'm back, with comments.
    Macaron, my brother love it...guess how old is him?
    Just 9 :)

  4. *me* don't get him too much macaron, too sweet le, i not really like it afterall, but very cute indeed.
    And welcome back!

  5. Well, Thanks for your concern, but i still wanna have it. :)
    -on behalf of my bro-