September 12, 2011

Is it safe?

A day back, we were all went to my sister's new house; their first house warming, the second one will be on this coming Saturday. Couldn't believe that I'm actually drove over to Butterworth, safely. Laugh. More photos about her house will only upload after the this week, now it's just a half-empty house. I just knew there are so many things need to do in the new house, and lots of taboo. 

Eat for good fortune? 

We were then went to a seafood restaurant to have our lunch, this was the first time I had meal with brother-in-law's family; was always at Bangi for my study. I couldn't believe that my sister is going to marry soon, and no more brawling in my house; gonna miss it. 

See this? It is just besides the restaurant, I first thought they are doing renovation to expand their place; people over there told us it was caused by the wave, oh my! While I was taking photo of it, an uncle approached me and asked: are you a reporter? More and more people looked at me after heard what he asked; did I look like one? Laugh

. . . . . . . . . .

I had tried my best just to complete the task you gave, even if it needs some sacrifices.

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