September 1, 2011

Hello my besties

I didn't meet Theng and Tien for like ages since last year I guess, all are so busy to hang out; we managed to made it this day since Theng were back for one week holidays. Planned to dine at Harvest Inn, but we forgot to make reservation, then we switched to Strait Quay. 

Delicious at first, but we were in the waiting list and quite behind, we couldn't wait for it and changed to Bella Marino
Risotto Marinara . RM29.90
Saffron infused Italian rice cooked with assorted seafood. 
Pollo Alla Pizzaiolla . RM33.80
Baked breast of chicken served with black olives, anchovies and tomatoes, gratinated with mozzarella cheese.
Il Calzone . RM35
Half-moon stuffed pizza with fillings of potato, turkey ham and mozzarella cheese. It looks like curry puff.
Trio of the night. We did a lot of talking, didn't fell into silence moment at all; I'm really happy to have them that night. 
Saw this Angry Birds cake displayed in Sugar, and many more; a quirky cake shop that dealing with cakes and home decor. 

. . . . . . . . . . 

I wanted to follow, yet...