June 7, 2011


Don't know why, today we suffer with the traffic jam, we decided to dine nearby the e-Gate; so many newly-opened shop which we haven't try before. Walk in a shop and I saw the Spring on the wall, so it is the name of the restaurant. It gives me a feel of cozy home.

I were clung to my plate of food instead of continue snapping photos of the interior and ambiance, were definitely feel that I should bring on the camera whenever I go. I tried the Creamy Spaghetti Cabonara which my friend said I shouldn't since we were actually in the nyonya shop. Someone, please drive away my sore throat, I want to eat all of the food I can because weekend is coming soon.

. . . . . . . . . . 

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  1. U r so funny, eating heating food and hope for a speeding recovery ?
    A patient suffered from cough and sore throat but he eating ice cream avday....
    Wil he able to recover in a condition like tat?
    Frm now on, eat porridge avday until u r fully recover frm it! =-P

  2. Haha, not full from porridge lo
    but i keep aways from heaty food now la, no worry ya
    btw, long time dint contact le!!

  3. u so bz go eat hao liao n nvr jio!
    Stil dare to ask me! =-D