June 3, 2011

Happy Friday

Bowling again after work with Chuk Leng, Chee Yang and girlfriend, Ginael, Yeam, Ming Hian and Woon Kheng, my new friend here. The first sentences she said to me was: I know you, because I read your blog! This was really shocked, and she is actually a friend of JhTham, she saw the link from his blog, she make me feel good. Smile. Formed a team, and my team actually won all of the 3 games, thanks to my teammates here, they are good. Went to supper at Chulia Street and had some chit chat together, have I ever told you that the fresh juice over there is good? We owl-like people, not going home after that but went to Strait Quay to have some night stroll.
Saw this beautiful thing at the concourse area, and I know about those are the sample of the fruits and vegetables carving competition.
They even carved the flowers, small little one. I wish to have their hands and ideas, somehow, I feel that I'm not that arty-crafty. Oops.

. . . . . . . . . .

I heard what they said, a story with her. 

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