June 5, 2011


My mommy share the same birthday with our Agong, not exactly, just a day after his. Together with my sister's future hubby, we went to have a simple dinner at Kochabi Taiwanese Delight, a place that my sister likes a lot; we always need to wait before we have our table.
Nothing much for me to choose with, because I'm currently suffer with my throat and I can't eat something heaty. It is like the other Taiwan restaurants, I mean the menu; so not much food photos are share over here, or I should say, I just share one of those.
The fried dumplings which impressed me a lot, oops, I thought I said no heaty food. Laugh out loud

With friend, we went to cinema, not knowing that whether we were managed to get movie tickets or not; we just feel to watch a movie before end of Sunday. Fortunately, I can watch the X-Men: First Class and it is quite a nice movie to watch. 

. . . . . . . . . . 

This is the first time.

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