December 22, 2010

The Trio 2

Finally I got all the photos, but will only upload some to share.
Too much to pick.
Went out to Pavillion just to have tea time lunch at Ichiban Boshi.
Did some mistake over there,
because the place that we really wanted to go is actually 
the Hokkaido Ichiba located at The Gardens.

| More than just sushi |

Warmth advice: Don't ever have Japanese food with this 2 fella.
We ordered a lot 
because we can't assumed the portion of the food.
Ended up we forced ourselves to finish it and barely moved after that.
I still can recall that we had been in this situation before.

| Tam Chiak's Ray |

He is going to kill me once he know I upload this photo.
*Laugh Out Loud*
In fact, I feel that it's suit to be his new profile picture.
Do you feel the same as me?

Did some window shopping and took bunch of photos.
That's the deco in Pavillion:

| Jingle bells~ Jinger all the way |

Once you walk-in the Pavillion, you will get to see the grand decoration.
Greenish christmas tree match with gold ornament.
*Thumbs up!*

Had our dinner at 'Lot 10 Hu Tong', my very first time.
Not much choices left because it's kind of late when we reached there.
They already prepared to close.
Still manage to order something to fill our tummy.

| Bowls |

Anyone who love cakes, 
Su's Cakes for Kicks setting up a kiosk at Fahrenheit 88.
Free testing for the cheese cakes before you buy any.

| Cheese Cakes |

We bought Lychee (favorite of mine) and Mocha cheese cakes. 
I like the concept:
At Su's we don't just bake cakes,
we create a finesse in taste...
to light up your lifestyle and enjoyment.

Too tired, and I felt asleep in the car.