December 26, 2010

Be merry

No chance to eat at the restaurant which we wanted,
look for the location for 2 days.
It is close on Sunday!
Too bad, hope that I got chance to dine over there.

Went to Ikea to have lunch.
I didn't have empty stomach in these days, I seriously ate a lot.
My tummy is going to burst in one day.
Took some nice photos when we were at The Curve.

| The Terrace's |

Went to eat at kopitiam, the hawker food.
Had nice food for few days, 
and this does a little bit make us become poor.
*Laugh out loud*
I love hawker food!
Don't really have empty stomach that time we went there.
That's why I can't fully enjoy all the food.
Yup, I mean ALL the food.
| Quote: Eat, Drink and Be Merry |

Really have a nice Christmas and outing for days.
Hope you also enjoy the day.
That's how I ended my Christmas for this year.
Merry Christmas.

Happy birthday to you.

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