December 24, 2010

Purplish Christmas Eve

Went to KLCC during my purplish christmas eve.
Why I said purplish?
You will understand it once you see the deco of the mall.
It's all about purple!
My favorite.

| It's all about Purply |

Had our dinner at DOME.
It's hard to make decision on what to eat over there.
We just realized there is not much restaurants to choose with after read the directory.
People did their chit-chatting over there 
while waiting for the countdown.

| Flat White |

I had my Mango Fandango, which mix mango fruit puree with yogurt.
The taste is RICH!
The flat white is good as well.
It was cool to have a cuppa and enjoy the breeze in the night.

| Sea-bass Fish and Chips |

| Creamy Seafood Pasta |

The pasta is nice, 
it can be better if the cream sauce given is more than that.

We left the place earlier before the countdown event,
to avoid the crowd.

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