December 6, 2010

Eat. Play. Love

When people talk about Penang, what will you think of?
The heaven of food.
I ate a lot during these days, which make me sick soon again.
Not enough water I think.
Need to drink more from now on,
I can't get sick in this period.

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I want to 'eat, play and love'.
Say no to work!
Yet I still need to work...


  1. Baby fish, I love ur "Eat。Play。Love" =)
    The last one don't need money, the rest mau $$~
    this time oso working at the perfume/fragrance shop?

  2. haha, i wanna eat play n love lo~ lai lai, give me many many love...haha
    yalo, still at the same place but in QB now, got fair ma...haha