June 14, 2010

A night out

Well, I watched [Karate Kid]
quite nice I think
and I learn a quote from the movie
| Never say never |
keep remind me about this quote
but I fail to do so
sometimes it's hard to hold it
hard to believe

we had plenty of time before the movie started
then we walked around in the empty shopping mall
of course~
all the shops were closed at late night
but we saw something nice nearby concourse area

Fighting Fish
Remind me of [Ice Kacang Puppy Love]
| be strong |

Every time when I pass through the G hotel
I like to see their sign
and they wouldn't disappoint me
by decorating their sign according to events or festivals
they are brilliant
now is football fever!!
let's have a look on it

let's yell: GOAL~

*but I didn't watch the match*

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