June 5, 2010

Glow gathering

Our colleagues is going to resign and prepare for their uni life
then we had a small gathering last night
we went to Annalakshmi Restaurant to dine with boss
an Indian vegetarian restaurant
that was my 2nd time to go over there with boss
and I met my friends at there as well

group photo of the day
our main characters of the day-Rainbow and Ivy
who seated on the right
say buh bye to them, they are going back to Kedah
just give us a ring when come to Penang next time
then we will have another gathering
and did you all see another trio on the left?
ny, me and angel again
and not to forget our big boss at the back, Emy

Because the restaurant changed their chef not long ago
we are not really satisfied with the food
yet we were bloated after the dinner

Ta da~
just show some photos here
because all the food look the same
but with different flavors

the night was still young after the dinner
at first, we wanted to sing k or movie
but plan changed
we went to Penang bowl to play
and a friend of mine did came along to play with us
and be our boss' coach
kinda funny

not to forget to take photo as well
gonna miss you all much
take care