June 17, 2010

I'm just coming back from a tiring yet great outing
with all my colleagues and our big boss
Why can we had the chance to go out together?
because Emy did this:

We closed both shops just for this outing
it was awesome
that's why I get to off continuously for 2 days

we went to have our lunch at 'Water Drop Teahouse'
so call 滴水坊 in Chinese
a vegetarian restaurant at Penang Street
I like the ambiance
it makes people feel relax and peace

once you enter the shop
you will get to see this nearby the entrance

*no food photo in this post*
too much to post
I'm just lazy to resize all the photos
that's why I just leave it unshown

this is just a small group of us
another group already started to eat while
we were still snapping photo
okay, just me
but they used to it already

we went to Penang bowl after the lunch
we spent more than 3 hours at there
and each of us played 6 games
it was a league actually
big claps to my team
because we got the highest score among 4 teams
I got strike for few times
| happy |

then we went to dine
instead of sing K
too expensive at night and we don't like the buffer

I like my Jasmine tea
it tastes good

last but not least
we went for a movie:
Nanny McPhee & the Big Bang
I watched the 1st Nanny McPhee movie few years ago
now it comes out with the 2nd one

not bad I can say

there got fun fair
and we played bumper cars just now
more than 5 times I think
nearly jump out from the car while people bumped on me
| we are crazies |

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