June 24, 2010

I'm a clerk =]

10 days more
then I can be free - no more working for me
count down-ing now
but I don't wish to go back uni that fast
I haven't get enough playing and fooling around in this holidays

not like last time
I'm now doing all the paperwork and computer thing
I must finish it before I left
could it be possible?
I think so...
and I need to write out the manual
so that the new staffs can follow up what had we done
definitely this can ease their job
it's a tough job but I did learned a lot
many of us will never get to learn this in their life
but we're the lucky 1

I had sold a total of 12 perfumes
it's not odd of course
but what if I say 12 of them are the same?

He bought 12 bottles of this from me
that means we sold all of the stocks for him
he even grabbed the tester from us
because this perfume is discontinue and he can't get it somewhere else
I'm getting commission for this perhaps?

* * * * * * * * * *

Am I too thin?

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