March 17, 2010

They are here with me!!

I met my parents at Midvalley
they came KL to play? or visit me? or visit cousin?
I am not sure
but they did have fun here
1st, we went to Madam Kwan's to have our luncheon
It had been a long time (just after cny holiday)
I did not have lunch with my parents
too bad my sister is not here

my cousin recommended us to try their nasi lemak
I like the curry chicken
taste good

had a happy shopping with my parents
Mama just love here
she said clothes are cheap here
isn't it?
then we had a break at The Coffee Bean
my daddy is 'coffeholic'

his cup of coffee
He was enjoyed that moment

Center Court of the mall
guess what?
I saw White Princess and Knave of Hearts in person
just the cosplay
I haven't watch Alice in the Wonderland
although some of my friends said it is just okay, not that nice
but I still want to watch it

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