March 2, 2010

I live to EAT^^

I went to Sunway Pyramid with my coursemates
and it was all about eat
we had our brunch at Pasta Zanmai
we were satisfied with the food over there

before our movie, we went for:

Ireland's Potato
it is located nearby the TGV cinema
I like it's proverb
[There are 2 things in the world that can't be joked:
1. Marriage
2. Potato]
nice huh?

for a small cup of fries, it's quite expensive
but we like to eat
spot its name in chinese?
means that potato is their tradition in Ireland

the purpose we went to Sunway was
Full House

It is a lifestyle store and cafe
where you can dine and shop in the same time
you will feel cozy when you walk in
Full House is unique with its interior decor
and it's all in white colour
I was so impressed by the decor

The comical menu
we had more fun looking through the menu than ordering the food
they even had the comics at the back

I like the chandelier in this restaurant
it's so artistic

when you enter you will see a statue
it is Thomas
the father of the family
then there have clothes section
and I found something that is sweet
a pillow
[I love you

even the food also look nice
yum yum
we really had a great dinner over there
I wish to go there again

they have a yellow mini cooper in front of the shop
for us to take photo

I'm loved

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