March 25, 2010

nice luncheon

Michelle, 7zai and I went to UPM to have a luncheon
which was prepare by
the students of food science over there

this is where we had our luncheon
this place is run by food science students
look like a real restaurant tho

this week theme is about Bugis Heritage Cuisine
and we were served by 7zai's gf
she is happy because of our support


Traditional Bugis Jack Fruit Spicy Acar
served with Keropok Melinjau
but we might not used to the acar
taste weird for me

Main Course

Chicken with Galangal Sauce
King Prawn cooked in Coconut Milk
served with Steamed White Rice
this was good
I love the sauce of this dish
at 1st, they planned to serve king prawn for us
too bad they can't get it at last
but then that rice was not enough for a big eater like me


Steam Custard in Pumpkin
pretty nice
I just realised I like pumpkin
the strawberry was sweet
and we did made a joke about it

last but not least

sugar cube and milk

Coffee, Tea or ME???

if got chance, I think i might go again
I said IF lar~

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