February 21, 2020

[ Penang ] Island Problems | Campbell Street

Before I continue to share about my previous Korea trip, let me share with you on one of the restaurant in Penang first.
Out of so many new restaurants, we chose to visit Island Problems after reading so many good reviews of theirs.
We made a good decision as all the food we had that night is really good! Read on for details.
Island Problems has a small dining area which split into 2 floors, the lower floor is with open kitchen concept, where diners get to see how the Chef preparing the food; while the upper floor is a more relaxing space.
We chose to sit at upper floor as we don't wish to get funny smell on our clothes after the dinner.
From the menu, we can tell that this restaurant is serving Thai and Japanese fusion cuisine.
The price is at average range; food portion is rather small, but it's quite filling as we ordered side dishes for sharing as well.
Since we were sitting on upper floor, so all of our food came in same time, so they need not go up and down for few times.
Avocuddle | RM15
We hardly order beverage when visiting to cafe/restaurant, some of the beverages cost the same with snacks or main course.
But this time we decided to order one for sharing, their beverages are quite common so we ordered the avocado drink.
Something that we never expect is they topped the avocado with chocolate powder which make the beverage tastes better!
Truffle Potato with Ajitama | RM14
Out of so many lite bites, we go for this truffle potato salad, as we always have a thing on potato salad.
The food presentation for this lite bite is quite good, kind of Japanese feel.
This potato salad is perfectly done, I like it when they include edamame in it as well, and topped with fish roe. 
The ajitama (ramen egg) is another highlight, the yolk is running and soft when this dish was served to us. Highly recommend!
Truffle Scramble Unagi | RM34
Mr.Ong likes unagi a lot, so he wouldn't miss the chance to try their truffle scramble unagi, it's one of the special menu.
This unagi don is good, just like other ordinary unagi don, it will taste good as long as your unagi is good.
They are quite generous to give this big piece of unagi, scramble egg is well cook as well, not overcook at all.
Salmon Blanket Mentaiko | RM34
All the ingredient are nicely arrange in the bowl, then topped with generous amount of mayonnaise before they torch it.
Looks simple but it tastes quite good tho, we wanted more of this after we finished it.
One thing I like about this dish is they topped with a lot of scallions, which enhance the taste of this don.

Island Problems
Location: 161, Lebuh Campbell, 10100 Georgetown, Penang.
Business Hours: 12pm - 11pm; Closed on Wednesday
Contact Number: +6016-4218633
Facebook: IslandProblems

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