May 24, 2019

♥ Our Wedding Preparation ♥

Hello lovelies!
Our wedding day is over, finally I have time to update my blog again with yummy food but
I was thinking that why not I blog about the dribs and drabs of our wedding preparation and actual day.
For those who are doing their wedding preparation, I think our information can help you a little, as reference.
We didn't do it in traditional Chinese way, we wanted everything to be very simple.
Scroll down to read more!

| P R O P O S A L |
Let’s talk about the proposal first.
We were supposed to have a stay-cation at E&O Hotel to celebrate my birthday (Year 2018), he ended up surprised me with all the proposal decoration in the room - bouquet, Will You Marry Me wording made from flower petals and our photos.
Before I realized what was happening, Mr. Ong knelt to the ground and of course I said YES!
Nothing fancy but I like it this way, I’m impressed that he did everything by himself as he is not a romantic guy after-all.
Too bad the bluetooth speaker went offline before we checked-in, else 'Perfect' will be played when I stepped into the room.

| W E D D I N G   P L A N N I N G |
Since Mr. Ong is the only son, and both of our parents seems to prefer a proper wedding ceremony,
so we agreed to have a very simple one, and we want to make it as what we preferred, follow our way instead of traditional way.
We had almost a year time to plan for our wedding, we were quite relax about everything as we both make a good team in planning, thanks to Mr. Ong as he is the one who did most of the planning, I only assisted from side.
We decided to split our relatives and friends into different groups: luncheon with relatives and dinner with friends.
By doing this, we will be able to entertain both groups, we want to spend time with all the guests who are coming to our event.

| P R E W E D D I N G   P H O T O S H O O T |
Mr. Ong do not have much demand when it comes to pre-wedding photoshoot, so I make the decision solely.
I did not have idea which bridal house to go until I saw a series of photos posted by WINTER DECEMBER in Instagram,
a newly opened bridal house, their photos are so natural and with a little bit of Korean style kind of feeling.
Winter December is located at Bukit Mertajam, not really far from the island,
we went to ask for the price and straight away get their package without comparing with other bridal house.
This is the best decision we have ever made, we are satisfied with the photos, and of course their service is so good!

Side notes for wedding gown fitting:
1. Tell them your ideal gown if you have any, if you don't have, they will recommend some gowns for you
2. Stop trying new gown when you have already found a few that you like, the more you try, the more you will confuse
3. If you have outdoor photo-shooting, try to choose simple gown, easier for you to walk and pose

Here I show some of our pre-wedding photos, we have 3 styles in total, very simple but I love all the photos we took.
Winter December will suggest the background or style according to the gowns that you chose;
for outdoor, you can choose the place you prefer, we chose somewhere else but due to raining season we took it in a farm,
not really a farm, it is just a village few streets away from the bridal house, and the photos turned out very nice!

| I N V I T A T I O N   C A R D |
I decided to deisgn our own wedding invitation card, different design for luncheon and dinner.
 Both cards are not ordinary wedding invitation card, we want something simple with only necessary information written on it.
After design our invitation cards, we send to one of the local shop for printing.
For families and relatives, we wanted to have something red as they are quite particular on this kind of thing.
So this is the final look of the invitation card for families and relatives, one for his side and another one for my side.
The only different is the tea ceremony time and the contact person at the bottom.
As for my friends, since it is a garden wedding dinner, so the design is even simpler and fit the theme.
The card design is simple, but the tracing paper envelope (wrapper) and wax seal did their job to beautify it.
Other than the pre-printed cards, we need to cut the tracing paper according to card's size, fold them,
print the table name and cut them out with another layer of rice paper, tie the string and finished it with wax seal.
Sound tiring, but we got the satisfaction by looking at the outcome.

| W E D D I N G   A C C E S S O R I E S |
Since we planned our wedding ahead and we got lots of time to spend, we decided to buy wedding accessories from TaoBao.
Car ribbons, door gift boxes, wedding red pockets, bridesmaids' outfit, groomsmen's outfit accessories and etc,
we got them all from TaoBao, which we will get to compare the price and different kind of design are available in TaoBao.
We actually used air shipping service as our items are consider light weight, we got our items in 1 week+ time.

I'll share details about wedding day photography, venue, make up artist, and etc in coming post. Stay tuned!


  1. sweet and informative! <3


  2. Dear Something Bubbly, Thank you for sharing a romance filled experience right from the time of Mr. Ong’s proposed till the actual arrangements of the wedding. We cant wait to read the rest of your journey too. Kudos to the Stimfish team to have captured your experience in such a personalized way.