May 31, 2019

♥ Our Wedding Day ♥

Now it's time to write about our wedding day, it's gonna be a lengthy post with all the photos I'm about to share.
At the end of this post, I'll list down the details of services we got on our wedding day.
We didn't go and compare with other services, we engaged the one we prefer and pricing was within our budget,
then we decided to get their services on our wedding, pretty easy right? Read on!

| M O R N I N G   C E R E M O N Y   &   L U N C H E O N |
We wanted to have morning ceremony, luncheon and dinner on the same day, yeah very rush we knew about it,
so we had everything done on the same venue for morning ceremony and luncheon, which is at E&O Hotel and we nailed it.
Everything went smoothly according to what we had planned, but we didn't stay long for our luncheon;
half way through the lunch, we departed to our dinner place to prepare for the next round.

| W E D D I N G   R E C E P T I O N |
Of so many garden wedding venues that available in Penang island, we decided to have ours at Botanica Mansion.
It is manage by JT group, our buffet dinner was also prepared by them, all of our guests commented that the food was good!
They prepared a room for us, so that we were able to get some rest and make up done before the dinner.
Many couples did their wedding ceremony and reception on the same place, we didn't make it as we were short of time.
Overall, it was a good night but we never expect the weather was killing hot that night.

| M A K E   U P   &   H A I R   D O   A R T I S T |
Every girl wants to look pretty on their wedding day, so looking for a good MUA is very important.
I'm glad that I found Wenxy from Xynderella Makeup Studio, she has a group of students, but I appointed her to be my MUA.
Before my wedding day, she liaised with me on the details: wedding gowns, hair color and preferable styles.
I do not have much request, so I just let her decide everything and she did a good job!
The hairstyle and make up on my wedding day suit me very well, for both morning ceremony and reception time.
She is such a lovely lady and we talked a lot, too bad I don't have a proper photo with her.

| E M C E E |
We did not hire any emcee or 送嫁娘 during morning ceremony, we go through everything ourselves since it was quite simple.
For reception, we thought that emcee is a must to drive the atmosphere else it will be quite boring.
Our emcee during that night was Henrrey Pang, he is another guy that fun to work with, and he did a good job that night too!
We wanted a simple reception flow, he was the one suggested the flow and game; we met him before wedding day to go through everything and brief him on how we first met, he then told the story to our guests before we march in.

| L I V E   B A N D |
A wedding reception is not complete without music, we had Phenomenon Entertainment & Event to do the job.
They have many teams under the company, depending on what style of music you prefer, then they will recommend accordingly.
We feel that jazz music (especially English songs) goes well with garden wedding,
so we chose 3pcs band from Phenomenon Band and the singers are Adam, Suzanne & one of their saxophonist.
Their voice is so good and soothing, towards the end of the dinner, they even sang the song I requested, without extra charges.

| W E D D I N G   D E C O R A T I O N |
When we decided to have garden wedding, we already expected to spare some budget on decoration.
Mr.Ong surveyed some event planners and we decided to get the wedding service or decoration from What A Bash.
If you are lazy to settle everything by your own, they can help you with that, of course with charges,
with our budget, we only get their services on overall decoration, reception & photo corner and infrastructure setup.
The team went through everything with us before the event to make sure the style or design is what we wanted,
we really in love with the decoration that did by What A Bash!

| P H O T O G R A P H Y |
I didn't get bored viewing all the photos that captured by Snap By Three on our wedding day repeatedly.
Our photographers were Junor and Charissa, thanks to both of them that captured so many memorable photos for us.
I really love the color tone of these photos, very warm and 'real' I would say, don't you think so?
What make me loves them more is the way they passed us the photos; they printed some of the photos for us, together with thumb drive (all soft copies) and packaged them in a customized box! I always in love with this kind of pretty thing.

" What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that's gone forever, impossible to reproduce "
- Karl Lagerfeld -

I think I have everything cover in this post, thanks to all the loves or wishes we get from our family, relatives and friends!
Here is the list of services we got during our wedding day, click the link to view their page or website.

Wedding Ceremony's Venue: Eastern & Oriental Hotel
Wedding Reception's Venue: Botanica Mansion
Wedding Gown & Suit: Winter December Bridal
Make Up & Hair Do Artist: Wenxy Xynderella Makeup Studio
Emcee: Henrrey Pang
Live Band: Phenomenon Entertainment & Event
Wedding Decoration: What A Bash
Photography: Snap By Three


  1. Very nice wedding and thank you so much for sharing!!

  2. Dear Something Bubbly, Thank you for sharing a romance filled experience right from the time of Mr. Ong’s proposed till the actual arrangements of the wedding. We cant wait to read the rest of your journey too. Kudos to the Stimfish team to have captured your experience in such a personalized way.