July 27, 2019

[ Penang ] Birthday Celebration @ Hanjan Eatery Soju Bar

We went quite a lot of places before and after our wedding, I guess it is time to share some of them.
We always love Korean food, or I should say I'm the one who influence Mr.Ong, and we decided to explore new Korean restaurant during my birthday; a place which is nothing like other Korean restaurants. 
So we were here in Hanjan Eatery Soju Bar, unlike other Korean restaurants, this place is grandeur!
Once you step into the restaurant, you will see a wall with display of alcohols on your right, some murals on the other walls.
They offer a variety of alcohol including soju, more like a bar to me instead of Korean restaurant.
The drink menus are more extensive than the food menu, still you will get an array of Korean dishes in the menu. 
Flavored Soju | RM32
Our first time to try soju, we went for flavored soju as we thought the original soju might be too harsh for us.
They have only 2 flavored soju during our visit - Apple and Citrus, we chose the former one.
It only have 12% of alcohol content, and it has a very smooth taste, I kind of like it, it tastes better than beer! 
Jogae | RM22
We called it our starter, clams in soju, cooked together with some chilies and garlic, sprinkled with scallion.
We always love to eat clams, this is really up to our liking as the clams that they served is fresh and not overcooked.
Don't leave the dish aside when you finished the clams, you can actually drink the 'soju soup'.
Pajeon | RM18
Kimchi pancake is a must whenever we visit a Korean restaurant, it is the simplest dish among all.
We ordered one to share, the portion is quite petite compare to others, we feel that it is a little greasy but the taste is good!
Japchae | RM22
Mr.Ong's all time favorite among all the Korean dishes, that's why he couldn't miss the chance not to order this.
Normally I don't really fancy about this dish, but Hanjan changed my mind, this is quite good though,
you can taste the strong sesame oil in this dish, but it's not greasy at all, and they even sprinkle lots of fried shallots on top!
Meat Platter (for 2) | RM50
You will get to try 4 types of meat for this - pork belly, pork trotter, spicy Korean fried chicken and donkatsu.
Among all these, I thought I wouldn't like the pork trotter, but end up I feel that it's quite good with the sauce together.
This dish is definitely a perfect match with soju! 

Hanjan Eatery Soju Bar
Location: 56, Lebuh Campbell, 10200 Georgetown, Penang.
Business Hours: 11am - 1am, Closed on Monday
Contact Number: +6013-4570218