October 25, 2018

[ Penang ] Plan C Patisserie | Gurney Plaza

Lots of cafes that offer decent dessert are blooming in my island, I never bother to visit them as I'm not a dessert person.
Then I came to know that the opening of Plan C Patisserie in Gurney Plaza.
From photos that shared in social media, their desserts are all freaking amazing, they are eye-popping than ever.
Anyhow, I still don't find any reason to visit them until I saw one of the cake they are selling,
the kind of molten cake with pearl on top, I was eyeing for this kind of cake and wanted to try so badly 
when I first saw one of the cafe in Kuala Lumpur is selling this cake.
Was thnking when will the cafes in Penang going to offer this cake, and pop, Plan C make this happen!
With no waits, Mr.Ong brought me to visit Plan C on the weekend after their opening.
This pastry shop is actually located diagonally opposite of Royal Tea; at this stage, Plan C only offers desserts and mineral water (with charges), so you can actually get your drink at Royal Tea and bring it over to the cafe.
Something I like is the chic vibe and contemporary environment of the cafe, the marble tables are definitely a plus point.
All the desserts will be displayed at the counter area, with the limited space, those desserts are selling fast 
and you need to wait for the next round (approximate 1 hour of wait) sometimes while waiting for them to restock.
Was really excited when I saw they still have this cake in their showcase, but they told me it's actually their display mold, 
we came back one hour later and we finally got to try this cake, our heart skipped a beat when we saw the long queue, laugh.
If you can't take the disappointment, you can actually make reservation with the staff, but you need to make full payment first in order for them to secure your cakes; we over-heard the conversation between the staffs.
Salted Cream Sponge Cake with Pearl | RM25
This cake served on marble tile, the tableware that provided is in bronze gold color, everything is so exquisite!
The cake come with a plastic around, you can pull the plastic away and the salted cream suppose to flow down dramatically.
However, it didn't happen on our try, we just knew about the reason during our second visit with friends,
the salted cream tend to be harden a bit if it exposed to the air for too long.
This explain why our salted cream flow down with a slower speed, it did flow down after you waited for awhile.
It's just a normal sponge cake, but the salted cream make it tastes so much better and we really love it!
The salted cream taste exactly like the one we have in Royal Tea beverages, they used the same recipe on the cake.
75% Chocolate | RM18
On our second visit, we still ordered the Salted Cream Sponge Cake with Pearl, and something else to try.
Before we ordered this, we did ask the staff whether the chocolate will be too sweet or not,
and they confirmed that the sweetness is just nice, after all the cake is made from 75% dark chocolate, so we got the cake.
However, I think this cake is too sweet for me, but if you are chocolate lover, you will definitely love it,
but I'm doubt that you can finish it by your own, you need to share with your friends.
Salted Egg | RM18
Everyone like salted egg, and everything with salted egg will be nice too, so we gave it a try as well.
Most of their cakes will topped with some gold flakes, to make it looks better.
This is quite good, you can get to taste the salted egg taste in the mid of the cake, and it is not too sweet!
Before I ended the post, let me share Salted Cream Sponge Cake with pearl again, this time they served it in a plate,
to prevent the salted cream and pearl from flowing out of the tile I guess.
This sponge cake is the largest cake they have in their cafe, but I can finish it all by myself, it tastes so nice!

Location: 170-04-09/10, Gurney Plaza, 20150 Georgetown, Penang.
Business Hours: 10am - 10pm (Daily)
Facebook Page: Plan C - Patisserie Creator

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