October 6, 2018

[ Penang ] Carrot Fish | New World Park

Passed by this cafe when we dined at New World Park, and its name caught my attention,
Carrot Fish, a cafe that provide healthy meal, so you can have your favorite food here with no guilt.
People started to eat clean for better health, if you are too lazy to do your meal prep every week, here is a good place for you as they even provide vacuum sealed meal prep up to a week, you only need to reheat them and it's ready to serve!
The environment of this cafe is quite comfy, the decoration is just nice, minimal and not too fancy.
 Seats are limited I would say, there is only one big table available if you are coming with a group of friends,
the other tables are fit for two, but of course you may request to merge the tables.
There are varitety of choices available on the menu, however, not all food are available for whole day long,
available time slot is stated for each categories on the menu.
Other than dine in or vacuum sealed meal prep, Carrot Fish also selling homemade and healthy bread spread. 
Order need to be made at counter; tableware and free drink are available at self service area. 
Matcha Latte | RM13 . Iced Long Black | RM10 . Banana Soy Protein | RM15
Ordered some beverages on my first visit, been here for severak times and this was the only time we ordered beverages.
Their drink are just normal, nothing fancy or they do not have must-try-beverage in the list. 
My Matcha Latte taste normal as well, too much of milk and I can't get the bitter matcha taste here.

Signature Balls | RM19
If you are not too hungry for lunch, I would recommend this main for you.
Chicken meatballs are served, you may top up RM3 for beef meatballs, there are total of 6 meatballs in this portion.
Two pouched egg are dipped in the tomato soup and served with two slice of sourdough bread.
The chicken meatballs are quite tender, it will be better if the tomato soup can be more creamy, this is quite watery here.
The tomato soup here is same as the one under "Soup" category, so if you like creamy soup, you might want to skip the soup as it might not up to your liking.
Chicken Roulade | RM22
This is one of their signature I guess, looking at the size of the chicken, you might said it is not filling,
then you are totally wrong with this, with the amount of mashed potato here, you will definitely feel that this portion is just nice!
 The chicken breast is stuffed with spinach and mozarella cheese, the amount of cheese is too little,
sometimes you can't even tell that there is actually cheese in the chicken roulade.
Some greens is served, and mustard sauce, the sauce is quite special, it's good to eat with the chicken roulade.
Farmer's Favorite | RM17
This is gonna be my all time favorite as this dish is come with rice, to mke it looks healthier, they served brown rice.
A very big piece of grilled chicken breast, some greens and a sunny side up. 
Very simple lunch that can totally make you bloated with reasonable price. Some might not like it and say the chicken breast
is too dry, but it is just up to my liking, after-all I like chicken breast a lot than other parts.
Oh yeah, the sprinkle of herb and paprika spices did enhance the entire taste of the chicken breast!

Vege Delight | RM15
Wanted something else on the menu but we ordered wrongly and this is what we got.
Well, we were still fine with it, althogh the portion of this is too little (me and my roomie are big eater).
This dish contains grilled mushroom, steamed broccoli, tomato, egg and served with sourdough bread.
Egg white was not fully cooked when they served to us, luckily the soup/paste was still hot to make it cooked a little bit more.
I can accept running yolk, but not running white. Laugh.
Overall, this is quite good, very healthy and I think we can get slimmer if we had this every day.
Fishin' In Sunlight | RM19
Here comes another favorite of mine, this dish is very balance as it comes in all nutrients that needed by our body.
It comes in grilled butter fish fillet, mashed potato, grilled mushroom, sautee zucchini, green peas and fruits, with yogurt sauce.
Everything in this plate are up to my liking that's why I strongly recommend this dish to you all.
I quite like the butter fish fillet because of its texture, normally I'll finish all the sides first and leave it at the end.
I don't really like cucumber but I'm okay with zucchini, it tastes better than cucumber;
the yogurt sauce is kind of greek yogurt that mixed with some herbs, quite nice and I always want more of this.
I visited here for more than 2 times, but since we are ordering the same dishes (more or less), that's why I just skip the photo-taking part and straight away enjoy my meal.

Carrot Fish
Location: 102-D-6, New World Park, Burmah Road, 10500 Georgetown, Penang.
Business Hours: 10am - 7pm (Daily)
Contact Number: +6011-12783389

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