April 6, 2014

Brekkie moment . Pit Stop Cafe

I'm so inspired to blog this week, maybe I just don't feel to do anything else from my lappie; on the same time I always told myself I need to start reading on my new books (I have more than 5 books now) and it's not good to face lappie that often after all. The moment I flip on my book, I started to dozed off sometimes or switch my mind to play some easy game on iPad, what happen to me? I just couldn't get it right sometimes, the thing that I feel I'm totally all right doing it is to EAT. This is how I gain weight, yesiambutidontcare! 
Been to Pit Stop Cafe twice in a month, I went there for the second time before I have time to blog on my first attempt; I'll join both days into one post since we ordered different food, easier mah. It was Saturday on my first time and Friday on the second time, I prefer the latter as it was a total disaster to go there during weekend unless you are there early in the morning; it was crowded. I did not have time to take photo in the cafe (I should say I did not have space to squeeze around). The table arrangement seems okay if there are not much people but you will find it's quite difficult to walk around if the cafe is full of people. 
The cafe is quaint with wall paintings, antiques, prints and even chairs hanging on the walls; it would be a good laid-back moment over there. The shelf that place magazine make me think of Levain Boulangerie Patisserie, didn't much related actually just a similar feel.
Cappuccino . RM8
My friend's drink with snoopy chocolate painting on top, can't really recall what is the price for that, hope that I share the correct information over here, more or less around that range. Didn't try on it but my friend said she had the thing on previous visit and they served exactly the same thing, taste didn't vary much and with snoopy as well (guess she expecting another coffee art). Like most of the coffee, it only taste good if it's still warm, started to taste weird once the coffee become cold and she didn't finished it tho.
Macha Latte (RM9) . Orange Juice (RM2.90 with any All Day Breakfast)
If you order one of their all day breakfast, just add on another RM2.90 for a cup of Freshly Brewed Coffee, Tea or Orange Juice, well I expected a bigger glass of orange juice, lol. It will not enough, I can just finish it while waiting my breakfast to serve, so just request another cup of ice water from them (refillable). While ordering the macha latte, I did not expect any coffee art on top (since it's not coffee) and I saw the Donald Duck chocolate painting, I was so surprised and try to get a good shot on it, cute no? When I had my first sip on it, I realized that the chocolate didn't even match the macha latte at all, not to my liking, I used the teaspoon to clear the foam and chocolate before I had my second sip. This macha latte will be better with lesser milk, good but not the best I had. 
Mushy Mushy (RM10) . 3 Little Pigs (RM10)
Pit Stop Cafe offers all day breakfast set from 9am to 6pm, as well as pasta dishes and rice set; since we went there for breakfast, I didn't look at other dishes than the breakfast set. We had mushy mushy and 3 little pigs, the side for these breakfast sets are the same, come together with a piece of wholewheat bread, hash brown and side greens. The most important food in this set would be the omelet, one stuffed with fresh Shitake Mushrooms & Cheese, another one stuffed with Bacon & Cheese. The Mushy Mushy one is quite special but it seems to be a little bit tasteless if compare to 3 Little Pigs, all I can tasted was the cheese. You may request chili sauce or ketchup from waiter; yet you'll notice there is a handmade paste come together in the breakfast set, couldn't tell what it is but it really taste good. 
Big Breakfast . RM16
If you are the big eater, you can try their Big Breakfast which cost only RM16, is is not too expensive after all, all their price range is quite affordable. Compare to the earlier breakfast set, it come together with more sides such as wholewheat bread, hash brown, side greens, bacon, smoked salmon and 2 eggs (you can choose sunny side or scramble egg). I like their bacon, not too oily and of course their smoked salmons are really fresh. Thumb up. Other than breakfast set, I saw people also ordered pancake and the most famous would be their Berry Banana Pancake, I save it for my next visit. Wahaha

12, Lorong Chulia, 10200 Georgetown, Penang.

Business Hours
9am - 6pm (Daily)

Contact Number


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Countdown - 3 weeks. Happening month.

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