January 19, 2014

Tropfest SEA 2014

Always my friends will ask me: Penang still have any places to hang out ah? Usually I'll tell them either go to unveil some awesome cafes or to have heritage walk around the Georgetown area. By this month, if you ever ask me the same question, my answer will def be different: either you can go to Ernest Zacharevic's solo show at Hin Company Bus Depot (went to the opening last night, gonna blog about it soon) or enjoy the Tropfest 2014 (short film festival). Tropfest South East Asia (SEA) Festival Night debuts on next Saturday (25-Jan-14) at Esplanade, Georgetown. If you still wonder what is Tropfest SEA, check the official website for more info.
Good news from Tropfest SEA: the festival is FREE to attend! Even there is no charge but registration to this event is require so that you are eligible for lucky draw prizes. On actual day, the gates will open to public for last minute registration (as for pre-event registration, you will get fast track admission) at 4.30pm. Immerse yourselves with the atmosphere with food and beverages facilities and the music performances leading up to film screening and award presentation.
The early registration for this event is ended and those who are manage to registered on time entitle a reporter notebook with hastag #bojio on the cover (bojio in Hokkien means a act of not inviting your friend to go out together). It's easier to register up-front, so click here to proceed your registration for this event; it just require 1 minute to complete the registration after-all. Now don't say I bojio, I'm jio-ing you to go this event with me. See you guys there and let's enjoy the festival together!

Oh yeah, if you are a photographer, you may contact the organizer for this event as they are short of photographers for their event. They will credit your photos back to you. All you need to do is ready your camera and shoot perfectly on the actual day.

Official Website

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I sprain my waist, how lucky! Feeling meh.

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