January 11, 2014

Statue of Jesus Christ . Ho Chi Minh

Decided to end my Ho Chi Minh post with another attraction - Statue of Jesus Christ which actually located at Vung Tau; you need to sit one and a half hour in hydrofoil in order to reach Vung Tau Jetty from Ho Chi Minh. You don't need to get 2 way ticket at the first place since you don't know how many hours you going to spend in Vung Tau (other than the Statue of Jesus Christ, there have other not-so-attract attraction lol). The sweating journey is begin once you get down from the hydrofoil. 
Took a cab and we reached the entrance. No entrance fee is require, all they need is your strength to have the 30 minutes hike up the mountain (thousand plus staircase if not mistaken) in order to get pleasant panoramic view of Vung Tau. Along your pathway, you will get to see lots of statues giving you a picture on Jesus's life since the day he was born. Was feeling awe once I reached the top of the mountain, saw the Statue of Jesus Christ with outstretched arm (you can actually see people standing on its shoulder) and my next task was to climb up the hollow and spiral staircase insides the statue. Remember not to bring extra thing with you as you need to leave your bag, slippers, water bottle and etc in order to step inside the statue (except for camera bag). Each shoulder is able to accommodate up to six people; the breathtaking view stunned me much when I was on the shoulder. Love this kind of feeling, to explore the beautiful and flawless places in each countries. Hope to have more trips in future. 

Ho Chi Minh . The end. 

. . . . . . . . . . 

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