January 24, 2014

Get through it with Gaviscon

In few days time, we will get to celebrate the most joyful festival for most Chinese; as for me, I enjoy it too simply for my short holidays and the ang pao. You will started to see friends around post similar status in social network like: It's time to gym/exercise so that I can eat as much as I can during CNY, few more days to shape-up myself, and etc. I ate a lot (you can read from my blog lol) and hope that I wouldn't grow fat with those food I consume *cross fingers*. For most of the youngsters, it's all about EAT during this festival; seafood, steamboat, tit-bits, and anything else you can name. Started to feel excited about this? Before this, let's read on.

I still remember in the past CNY, I keep on consume different type of food whenever I have gathering or family reunion. I still get the hang of it for the first few times but started to feel unwell and hard to digest the food I consume; end up it's disappointing as I couldn't enjoy the celebration to the fullest and got sick. Thanks to Gaviscon, I just taught about different body type shall consume different type of food to neutralize our body and prevent to get sick that easy. We can categorized food into 3 categories according to their "hot-cold" property, it's correlate with your body type (either "hot" or "cold", I'm both btw). You can refer to infographic below which provided by Gaviscon and take a simple test to determine your body type.
Now, you should know what's your body type and choose the correct combination of food to consume; with this, I'll not suffer from sickness anymore and eat non-stop! If you used to suffer for heartburn or indigestion, it's better for you to prepare some Gaviscon sachets up-front, it's good to cure heartburn and indigestion. Prevention is always better than cure mah
This is how the Gaviscon works on your heartburn and indigestion. To know more, go to and get more information, after this what you going to do is enjoy the hectic celebration! Happy Chinese New Year!

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