September 28, 2013

Miam Miam at Gurney Paragon

I got sick, although I'm recovering, I feel suffer coughing non-stop sometimes. Still, this couldn't stop me from trying out new cafe/restaurant in the island. My to-visit-cafe-list is becoming longer and longer but the speed of striking them off is slower compare to last time; time issue I guess. The speed to updating my blog also slower, I need the passion, maybe after I change the layout. Thinking
Went to Miam Miam, a French-Japanese style restaurant which is newly open in Paragon, with my family. I knew this restaurant through my sister, and she knew this through Instagram photos I guess; this is the power of social utility. 
Miam Miam become must visit restaurant whenever you are in Paragon, it's hard to look for a table inside the restaurant. So we got our seat outside of it, couldn't enjoy the pretty of the interior is just a waste. Good food come from clean kitchen, the see-through kitchen makes diners feel safe with their cleanliness. Oh yeah, the Miam Miam over here means "yum-yum" in French, if you want to know.
Miam Miam Special Blend Coffee (hand-dripped) . RM8.80
My daddy's must have beverage everyday - coffee, look at the milk they serve together with the coffee, it's so tiny and cute. As per my dad (I didn't try the coffee), the coffee is bitter but taste very good; as for the little pot of milk, my mum just drink it like this. Laugh
Hot Matcha Latte (RM10.80) on left . Iced Matcha Latte with Softee (RM12.80) on right
I chose to have hot beverage, I was still hesitate whether I really want to order the hot matcha latte or not, I was so scare that the matcha taste may too strong and I might can't take it. My sister will only go for cold drinks and here comes two matcha drinks on the table. Their matcha drinks very awesome, that's why you can find matcha drink on each table; maybe other beverages are too normal? 
Miam Miam Spaghetti . RM24.80
Since we just went for hi-tea, we just ordered one main dish and share it together. You will know which is their signature easily from their menu, the picture of their signature engross half of the page; you may click here to view their menu first. Their spaghetti come in big portion, I think it's because of the plate design they use, make it looks big. The spaghetti is cooked with tomatoes, eggplant, bacon, sausage, shimeiji mushroom and white onsen egg (slow-cooked in hot water). Poke the egg yolk and churn up nicely with all the ingredient, ola, you may start to chew on them! They wrote: Is lighter and has cleaner flavors than in the west on the menu! 
Famous French Toast . RM16.80
Another signature of theirs. I didn't read their menu clearly, and thought it comes with one scoop of vanilla ice cream when they served this up to us, but ended up it's their homemade whipped cream. A little bit of disappointment slowly replace by excitement as the whipped cream is differ with those outside one, at least I eat this (you know I don't like whipped cream at all normally). Maple syrup is served together, you may pour it all in the pot of French toast as it ain't too sweet after all; pinch of icing sugar also sprinkle on the top of toast. It's really 'miam miam' to have this, the best French toast I ever try. 
Classic Vanilla Souffle . RM16.80
We went to Miam Miam because of their souffle as they served the best souffle in town. Guys love to say: let's finish all the food we order, only then we will decide whether want to order dessert or not. This is a big no if you are in Miam Miam, because the preparation time for souffle is 20 minutes each. We girls always have space for dessert even-though we can't finish our main dish, true no? Laugh. Be careful when you start to eat this, it's so hot inside out, but it really taste good lah. You can choose vanilla or match flavor. 
Sorry to tell that Miam Miam is a non-halal restaurant, sorry for my Malay friends. My first time to have hi-tea that cost us RM100++.

Miam Miam
Location: 163C-1-01/02, Gurney Paragon Mall, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang. 
Business Hours: 12pm - 10pm (Daily)
Contact Number: 04-2267818
Facebook: Miam Miam Penang

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I went to Miam Miam twice, order the same thing I have here. 


  1. I love that place next time I must try the matcha latte

    1. Yeah, their matcha is really awesome! Btw, love your photos in your blog :)