September 15, 2013

Au revoir!

It's a backdated post where I went to Penang Hill with a bunch of our trainees, accompanied by JieXiang and his girlfriend, Sock Keng. Been there for times with different groups of people, the feeling is different; each time we get to explore a new place. This time, we went to Monkey Cup Garden which the entrance fee cost around RM10; first we thought it's quite costly for just a simple tour inside, ended up we enjoyed berry much inside the garden and our laughter resound the whole area. Now, the Taiwanese trainees are back to their country and our local trainees also back to their college life; as for me, I'm staying back at the same old company with colleagues, waiting for a new batch of trainees that can go crazy with us. 

. . . . . . . . . .

It's time to change my blog layout, agree no?

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