October 11, 2013

Blue Reef with buddy

Do you have friends who are not often hang out with you (maybe once every few months) yet still can have lots to talk about and wouldn't have the awkward feel when hang out with them? I have some tho. Glad that I was able to catch up with one of them last few week; Tien, a girl that I know for 11 years and still counting. Was planning to go some new cafes with her, but the pouring rain stopped us to do so, end up we went to Blue Reef, Straits Quay for our lunch. Believe it or not, I never been there before until now. 
Didn't really have much shots inside the restaurant, we were too busy to crap on everything that happen on us these few months.
Cappucino (RM8) and Hazelnut Latte (RM8)
I already forgot what Tien ordered for her drink, either is Cappucino or Mocha; most probably was Cappucino as she didn't really fancy on bitter stuff. Like the way they sprinkle the choco powder on the top of the drink. As for me, I had Hazelnut Latte, quite good tho. 
Soup of the day . RM8
It will be so dull if we only had main course without any side dishes, so we shared the soup; ended up it came in big portion and most of it was finished by me. It was some sort like broccoli mixed with mushroom soup, the taste is acceptable and so creamy with the help of milk. You may add 2 pieces of grilled US scallops for only RM12; we didn't had that btw. 
Grilled Fish Fillet . RM16
Tien's grilled fish fillet, there are few types of fishes for you to choose in the list, and my friend chose seasonal fish. It comes with fries, seasonal vegetables topped with citrus sauce. I didn't try on it, but she sayid it's a little bit of dry it we didn't squeeze some lemon on it. 
Traditional Fish & Chip (Garoupa) . RM28
My portion of Fish & Chip and I chose garoupa (the waitress recommended this to me), you may choose beer batter or bread crumbs to fried your fish and I chose the former one. I don't really like black pepper and I do not know they marinate the garoupa in black pepper sauce, luckily I manage to finish that with the help of tartare sauce. I put plenty of them on every bite. Laugh
Went to Gurney Paragon for window shopping after the lunch, we called it a day. Ended this post with our photos and I looked damn tired in this photo. 

Blue Reef
Location: 3A-G-20, Straits Quay, Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang, 10470 Penang.
Business Hours: 11am - 10pm (Daily)
Contact Number: 016-4059182
Facebook Page: Blue Reef

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 About time, later.

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