June 28, 2013

The 101 Lost Kittens Project : Mural Hunting Game

Hello I'm back with more stories now, but before I go on with those new places I went, I wish to share something before it's too late (it's on tomorrow OMG!). In some of my friends' eyes, I quite into those heritage and vintage stuffs, that's why if they knew there is something (suit me) going on, they will pass me the message or signal. Glad to have them in my life. 
When I was nearly fed up with those paper works in my cubicle, one of my colleague passed me this colorful leaflet and I straight away magnetized to this instead of those paper works. There are lots of events holding in Penang under the George Town Festival 2013, one of it is the Mural Hunting Game. The due date is on tomorrow (29-Jun-13), and I hope it's not too late to share this, you still have few hours to go and complete this by tomorrow morning! I drown in guilt. The treasure hunt is an integration of street art, treasure hunt, game, and public awareness campaign all taking places along Penang's Victoria Street. You may refer the map of these murals from here so you don't get lost. You may refer to 101 Lost Kittens for more information about the treasure hunt. 
These are the steps to help you win in the contest. First, you need to download the Muzy app from the App Store or Google Play. Once you download the Muzy app, you can sign in either through your Facebook account or create a new account with your email address. Personally, I feel that it's easier to sign in with your Facebook account, all it needs is a 'click'. After the sign in session is done, select the 9 frame Photobox for this contest. Now you can head to Georgetown area (there will have 11 mural paintings | miao miao paintings | scattered all over Georgetown area) to snap snap snap. All you will need to snap is 8 photos of the murals and 1 sculpture. The sculpture is actually the Mama Cat sculpture which will only be released on the 29-Jun-13. So stay tune to their Facebook page to find out the location of the mama cat! Once you are done with the photo, upload the photo with your full name as seen on your IC to on that day! 

You can win the limited edition Switch Their Live T Shirt if you are the first 200 contestants to upload the 9 frames photo. There will be a lucky draw for all the participants at 5pm for 3 Grand Prizes. Why wait? Let's go and get the murals now! Oops, before I end this, I would like to say that this project is actually sponsored by China House, LASSie, Switch and George Town Festival. Visit their page for more info and I hope you enjoy the game to the fullest. ^^

. . . . . . . . . .

No more hazy weather! Yeah!