June 15, 2013

Langkawi Wildlife Park Experience

Oopsie, haven'd done with my Langkawi posts, I'm gonna slap my mouth on procrastinating all my posts again. Laugh. So despite of those hot spots in Langkawi, I seldom see people recommend about the Wildlife Park, so I decided to write this out because all of us really had fun there. We gave it a visit before we aboard and we thought we will only spend the most 1 hour inside the park; end up we spent almost 2 hours inside. We used up quite some time to look for the Wildlife Park, luckily we didn't lost in the mid of jungle.
The weather was berry hot when we were there, please don't be so happy when you saw the building and thinking of finally you will have air-con area. Yeah, you will have it at entrance hall but once you get through the gate, you only have the natural air accompany you again. Laugh. The first thing that fall into your eyes is not animal but the booth that selling all food stuff for animals; we bought one (around RM6) to share thinking of should be enough, yet we were wrong, we wished we can get more at the end of the visit. 
Le daddy was feeding the macaw, I was a little bit scare of their beak which is so hard; I always took back my palm when they about to eat the peanuts. Hahaha! Don't be scare as per le daddy the macaw use their tongue to take the peanuts, not beak. The most enjoyable moment was during budgerigars feeding, you may put corn seeds on your palm, as many as you can; raise your hand up high, within few seconds you'll see group of budgerigars cease on your palm and start eating. The highest record we got is 3 budgerigars in one time, you can slowly move around so that you wouldn't beat them up; they will finish all the corn seeds and fly away. So cute!
Here they don't have big animals like what we can see in Zoo Negara but those small animals are more than enough and they are energetic all the time, moving around and waiting you to feed them. Om nom nom. I like the mandarin duck very much, I didn't saw them until le mom say: see the mandarin duck, in pair one, in pair one~ yeah, they always move around in pairs.

The feeding food got a lot of varieties, that's why whenever you go, you can also use the bag of food to feed animals. Cool right? So let's give it a visit now!

Langkawi Wildlife Park
Location: Lot 1485, Kampung Belanga Pecan, Jalan Ayer Hangat, 07000 Langkawi.
Operating Hours: 8.30am - 6pm (Daily)
Contact Number: 04-9665855

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Happy to have shorter hair now.

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