June 21, 2013

Breakfast Bar at Langkawi

I'm going to have a post about where to breakfast in Langkawi which I promised before, and you may read another breakfast place which I recommended before over here, yup Red Tomato is it. I always love to have Asian style food as breakfast, we can easily get it over here. Yet sometime I love to have Western style food for breakfast pulak; if you wish to have both style as breakfast then you must go to Breakfast Bar. We went there during our last day at Langkawi, yum yum!
You can spot it with their bright yellow sign board and there is a buffalo standing in front with some kind of yellow magic broom (?). There is something I really heart about, the sign greeting with different languages, found language that you familiar with? 
Not only foreigners or tourists, there are quite a lot of local people visit Breakfast Bar for a cuppa or chit chat. Due to a flock of diners, I felt that the owner/staffs having some difficulty to serve all of us; we waited to place order, wrong breakfast were sent to us, no dishware for us and etc. Hire more staffs should have abstain this to happen (my thought), who care, let's continue with the food!
Langkawi Breakfast . RM10
All of us still stick with western style breakfast, because we don't want to have heavy/oily food as a start up for our day. Let's start with their langkawi breakfast, it comes with 2 toast, butter, jam, slice of chicken ham, slice of cheese and your choice of 2 eggs (either fried, scrambled or boiled). This set of breakfast is come together with coffee/tea. The scramble egg is way better than fried egg, all my family members had this set, but I chose to have another one. 
Turkey Ham, Cheese Sandwich (RM6) & Plain Omelette (RM3.50)
My sister said that I had a fulfill breakfast for that day, I was indeed. But too much of cheese nearly burst my stomach. Should have order their pancakes, heard that their pancake is quite good tho. You may have other side orders like sausages, baked beans and etc.
Natural Yogurt with Fresh Fruits . RM7
Since I didn't have breakfast set, so I don't have complimentary coffee/tea; and I ordered this healthy stuff for myself, really Western style! The yogurt is quite watery, didn't feel that I'm actually eating the yogurt btw and it's quite sour! I mixed the fruits together on every bites, to kill the sourness; it's because of they serve natural yogurt that's why it's so different from Nestle type of yogurt? No idea.
Phew~ I'm going to end this post with this beach view. Every time I see this kind of scenery, I feel that I found the sanctuary in life. ^^

Breakfast Bar
Location: Pantai Cenang, 07000 Langkawi. (You will address it by looking at the bright yellow sign board along the road)
Business Hours: 7am - 2pm (Daily)
Contact Number: 04-9556533

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I'll play hard and work hard.

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