May 12, 2013

Kurtos Spiroll, Queensbay Mall

Few months back, I had no idea that there is a Queen Street inside Queensbay Mall, until I accidentally walked by and found out some great restaurants and cafes; thanks to my curiosity. Was shopping with my parents and decided to give it a try in Kurtos Spiroll.
The cafe is quite simple with white, blue and earth colors which at first give me a feel of ocean. I think it might be due to the bluey signboard with the seashell-like logo beside it; the seashell-like logo is actually Kurtos Kalacs (a.k.a Chimney Cake). Only 2-3 tables are available in the cafe and the air-con supply is not sufficient, either the shop is too near with the car park or they baked the chimney cake inside the cafe which make the surrounding so warm. 
Same like other restaurants, frames with artistic photo (of course related to the cafe one lah~) are hang on the wall, to twiddle your eyes and tummy while you waiting for your food to serve. Laugh
Here comes the simple menu for a la carte and set mealp; there are 9 choices for you to choose under 3 different categories, Original Kurtos, Favourite Kurtos and Premium Kurtos. Next, you can choose your choice of dip and beverage, too bad the beverages are limited especially for cold drinks; I suggest you all to take cold beverage in the warm environment. 
This is the promotion they held when we were there, lucky us to have denim element on us and grab a free hot beverage and one handmade dip. I only noticed the signboard after I made my order so we got extra drink and dip. 
Here's the making of your Kurtos Kalacs inside the cafe, opened-air; I wonder how they ensure the cleanliness of the Kurtos Kalacs for whole day long, maybe the dust will stick on the chimney cake! Hmmp, they were inside my tummy and I didn't suffer from diarrhea. 
The dips! I straightly ignore the chocolate dip once I first saw it, I knew I shouldn't have this thought, but I just can't help it. Left 2 for me to grab - Butterscotch and Garlic Cheese; the butterscotch is way too sweet for me but the garlic cheese is really suit my taste-buds.
Premium Chicken Floss on the left and Original Hungarian on the right. If you order the chimney cake which is with toppings, then the dip is not necessary as the topping already added some aroma on the chimney cake. I still prefer the original one dip with garlic cheese. Yum yum! 

Kurtos Spiroll
Location: 3F-01B, Queen Street, North Zone, Queensbay Mall, 100 Persiaran Bayan Indah, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang.
Business Hours: 10.30am - 10.30pm (Daily)
Contact Number: 012-5020331
Facebook Page: Kurtos Spiroll 

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Dentist said naturally I lack of 2 tooth, I just know about it!

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