May 29, 2013

Dear Diary # 2

My second attempt to write the | Dear Diary | post, still haven't think of a better name so let's remain as it. I'll skip all the grandmother's story and start with the items; ola hope you enjoy the readings!
| new toy in the house |
Finally can strike one of the item in my wishlist, got the Sony NEX-5R duo lens two weeks back and I'm still learning the its features now. From now on, all my photos here will be captured using this baby if I'm not lazy to bring it out everyday and photos below were captured by NEX-5R, awesome no? I knew I once said I'll buy a DSLR but I do feel the weight and bulkiness burden me a lot and after did some study comparing most of the semi-pro cam, I feel this suit me well. ♥ 
| when hello kitty meet Ronald McDonald |
I have this doesn't means I like hello kitty, I never have a crash on her btw; just she really looks good in the Ronald's costume. My sis has the whole collection but I only have one. Laugh. Was lined up at McD for almost half hour just to get the hello kitty, and search for the Birdie hello kitty for my sis even I was out to Kuala Lumpur. The kitty is too small to hug, end up I just treat it as a decoration. 
| the intimate moment |
Bought my intimate lingerie in La Senza and got myself this Prestige VIP member card last weekend; heart the polka dots design on it. If you aren't a member yet, it's time for you to sign up for one, after-all it just cost you for RM30 and you will have 10% off on your purchase for the whole year. Of course, you can get special offer during your birthday month (like 20% off) and you can visit here for more information about the member privileges. One of my hobby now is to collect nice and pretty member cards, I do have a lot now; it's time to get a card holder as my wallet is going to burst in one day. 
| dose to cure the desire |
It's been few months I didn't join my partner in crime to have some delightful moment - food hunting. Glad that we manage to find a time and went out together to have food hunt but too bad what we planned always keep up with changes, yet I think that would be a quite-good outing overall, luckily the flurry didn't affect our mood. Ended our day with hi-tea at The Daily Dose Cafe, we wanted to go Mugshot Cafe at first but no seats for us and the Daily Dose Cafe just located somewhere near there. Tried some new food and personally I heart this Cheese Cake topped with strawberries, so yummy!
| miss the time when I'm still a student |
Thanks to my manager, I'm able to attend a few training courses and until now I still feel that being a student is way too blissful than a employee. The trainer impressed me a lot with all his sayings, and one of it sounds like: don't love your company, because you don't know when your company will stop loving you. So, please enjoy your life to the fullest instead of keep on working and working. 

. . . . . . . . . . .

Think wise, act wise.


  1. The weight of DSLR sometimes make me feel dun wan to bring it out.

    1. That's why lo, haha, I go for lighter weight semi-pro hehe~ Last time when I carry friend's DSLR also make me feel tired