May 20, 2013

Burger time in Woody Cafe

Ola, I'm back with more food post, like always, Laugh! When I view through my album I found out that there are still plenty of places I wanted to share with my readers yet I keep procrastinate it like years; I'll try my best to finish all the old posts like in 2 weeks time, when the time comes, the new posts will bundle up pulak! No choice, I insist to write them all than keeping those little gems myself. 
Woody opened in Penang for times and still operate until now, it's closed when I passed by the cafe last week and I thought they were shutting down but luckily they are not! Phew~ that's why I have this post done first.
Woody only open at night and it's located at Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling that near to Eu Yan Shang, no worry it's not hard to locate it.
The interior, so you might have an idea now why they named this cafe as Woody, you can also find a lot of old-school stuff inside the cafe like black disc, Coke jar and etc. Be careful when you sitting on the wooden chair, they didn't polish it well and you might stab your hands or legs. They provide menu but they also have big reference on the black board hanging on the wall.
If you come with a huge group of friends/family, you can tell the staff and let them seated you at upstairs; upstairs is with air-con apply, games corner and also TV corner. The best part is they are all f.o.c, all you need to do is ask for them.
The funny guy (I forgot his name aldy) that talking with us all night long and he is damn friendly and kind! He was taking photo on the food to share on FB page I guess, he is smart to use the table's light to make the food seems juicy underneath. Drool
Can't wait for the food? First let's have a look on how's the homemade patty been grilled; the size of the patty is quite thick as you can see from the photo and Woody basically only selling chicken, beef and mutton patty for their homemade burger.
Mutton HandBurger (RM9.90) on the top and Chicken HandBurger (RM5.90) on the bottom; yeah it's not typo error, they named the burger as HandBurger because they wanted you to try it with your bare hand, not with fork and knife. Previously they do provide glove for you when they serve this up, I knew this from a blogger but now the tradition is no more preserve; they do serve fork and knife if you ask for them. We have single handburger, but if you are meat eater, you can order twin or triplet to double up your patty! Overall, the taste is quite good with lots of sauce, the sauce even dripping when I bite on the burger!
Onion Ring . RM6
I'm so guilty to show all unhealthy food here, but I think it's okay once in a blue moon right? Promise to have more water if you go there as they serve all heaty food. I like onion ring but they over-fried it, the crispy char skin covered the original onion taste. 
The great idea to put the bundled bills together; there is actually a transparent string on the wooden wall to hold the clips. 

Woody Cafe
Location: 64, Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling, 10300 Georgetown, Penang.
Business Hours: 6pm - 12am (Daily)
Contact Number:  04-2612421
Facebook Page: Woody Cafe

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Recharge is done, next up is on early of July!

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