April 24, 2013

Dear Diary # 1

Yeah, very lame title I knew. My mind just couldn't think of a better title, so just put it up like this first, I'll think again on my next attempt. Always I use up quite some times to finish a post from choosing photo to cracking head for some juicy words. That's why I mostly blog about new places or new foodie only; people will started to think that my life getting dull after-since I work for more than 1.5 years now. Nah, I still enjoying my foodie life to the fullest and it's better to make a quick post like this to depict my life.
[Slurp the Pan Mee!]
Yeah, no doubt I'm a rice lover but sometimes I'm kind of obsess with Pan Mee as well. So by chance if I went down to Kuala Lumpur, I wouldn't miss the chance to taste their Chili Pan Mee where I hardly found one in my food heaven island. But, let's look at what I'd found in few years back - Pan Mee Soup in Island Park, Greenlane. It's just normal soup based Pan Mee where cooked together with anchovies, shredded mushroom, minced meat and veggies. Normal but it gives me a sense of home. 
[Hello Turtle]
Few weeks back, we colleagues went to Batu Maung area to have great lunch for Ai Thing's farewell, we were like tornado swallow all the foodie in just 15 minutes. We people decided to do an exploration at Penang Aquarium Batu Maung with the time left and we were quite lucky to get promotion price like RM2 for the entrance fee (normally it will cost around RM5 for adults). It was my first time to get this kind of leisure during working hours, glad that we all had fun with the sea creatures inside, especially the turtles, they are awesome!
[When Black Ball meet with Milk]
Never did I da bao (take away) Taiwanese dessert like this before, thanks to Cecilia who brought this for us during our weekend activity = mahjong. The weather is freaking hot few weeks back, with the black ball dessert, at least we felt better but be frankly, Taiwanese dessert still the best when you dine in-house, the take away quite watery and ice melt faster than in bowl.
[Penang International Science Fair]
Our company took part in the PISF Year 2013, our Research and Development team are the one who design all the games for public. I actually have no relate with their work and only joined them when they were lack of people during the event held at Straits Quay. A tiring task to handle the crowd especially kids, repeat the same thing again and again; overall it's a good experience. Some of my friends dropped by to say Hello but too bad I'm too busy to talk with them, yeah it's you.
[Clams as supper]
Met new friends from Kuala Lumpur, coming here to work during Matta Fair (will explain more later part) and of course for the foodie. It was quite late when I first met them, brought them to New Lane, Georgetown to heal their tummy; with no hesitate, they ordered food like they were fasting for months. Oh my gosh, we finished most of them except for the famous porridge, it's just not our type of tea.
[The Matta Fair]
The bunch of new friends are from Magga Travel, coming here to join the Penang Matta Fair 2013; I was in the team as well helping them throughout the days. I can only say I might not a good sale person although how good I can explain, luck might play another important role in this matter. Guess what, I'm going to join them for Sabah fair on coming July (as if they want me in their team lah~), imagine how good it is to have free flight, free accommodation, free meals somemore earn money to spend over there. Big heart!

. . . . . . . . . . .

Hell yeah, 2 days before the big day.

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