February 9, 2013

Happy 2013 Chinese New Year

Hello my dearies, it's the time for Chinese now. I think most of the people are busy-ing with the preparation for CNY reunion dinner, so am I. Yet, I snatch a moment of leisure to update my bloggie first in case my readers have nothing to read with (I think too much? Laugh!). Anyway, there are plenty of posts awaiting to be posted up, please be patient and I have some to-do-items on hand which I'm still procrastinating until now. I should finished them off during this CNY break; last but not least, Happy Chinese New Year to you!
Ps: After-since the technology been evolved, people who easily access to FB, Whatsapp, Line, Viber, WeChat and etc, do you still receive slow but warm wishes from friends? Yes, I did and I sent some as well. The best CNY wishes award (for now) goes to my trainee, Lindsey; received her postcard all the way from Taiwan, big love ♥. HUAT AH!

. . . . . . . . . . 

Smack head! I deleted all the expenses for Cameron trip, no price for food for all up-coming posts yeah.


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    1. Thanks Jhu Babe, too bad we don't have chance to meet tiok before you flying to Sg :(
      Write more so I know your everything and whatsapp me your new number!!