February 23, 2013

A cuppa at Kedai Kopi Sin Yoon Loong, Ipoh

It's not a wise move to put two girls in a room, ended up we just managed to have 3 hours sleep before the trip; I was like only using my soul to talk with SK, she is kind of owl-person who is now starting to switch back to normal sleeping habit. All of us must be quite tired and over slept as our departure time is 15 minutes late per our schedule, sound so pro over here, laugh! Heading to Ipoh first before Cameron Highlands to unveil the beauty of the city, was trying to visit for new places than the normal one.
Took some time to locate this Sin Yoon Loong kopitiam, after found it we took some time to look for parking again; parked far away from the cafe, we enjoyed strolling under the not-so-hot weather and clicking on the shutter when something caught our eyes. I assumed this kopitiam is quite famous, full house and we had a hard time to grab a seat, be patient if you go there during peak hour.
We were sharing all the breakfast together, while waiting for our drink we had this rice noodle roll (aka chu cheong fun in cantonese). All Malaysians should have know that every state serve chu cheong fun differently; this one is served together with the pickled green chilies, quite special but I'm not really the chu cheong fun lover. I mentioned before, no price stated for some of the upcoming posts.
Ipoh famous with their white coffee, but I didn't ordered that, I had hot milo instead, the drink that accompany me for almost everyday. My daddy always say that the best coffee taste better if they serve in this classic coffee cup, I think most of the uncle will have this thought too. Daddy did try to have coffee in normal glass but the coffee turned out to be quite sour. So, classic is rock!
Toast with kaya and butter is definitely the preferred breakfast joint in those Chinese kopitiam, I think this should be two set of toast.  
Toast without egg is like a tree without its leaves, and normally you have heard people order like this: Roti egg 1 set, it means 1 set of toast and 1 set of egg. Something special about Sin Yoon Loong is they let us to poke the egg ourselves, I like it!
Ah-ha, the special Caramal Custard (RM2.20) in the cafe, I think this is quite famous in Ipoh as well; I posted this photo in Instagram and straight away my friend knew I was at Ipoh that time. Or only Ipoh serve this during breakfast hour? Laugh. The caramel custard served in cold and well flavored, it's really not too sweet, thumb up indeed. 
Promised ourselves to have a full and burpie breakfast before we off to conquer some of the caves in Ipoh, le journey to be continued...

Kedai Kopi Sin Yoon Loong
Location: 15A, Jalan Bandar Timah, 30000 Ipoh, Perak.
Business Hours: 6.30am - 7pm (Off day not fixed)
Contact Number: 05-2414601

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Where is my energy?

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