February 17, 2013

Cheng Hwa Seafood Porridge @ Nibong Tebal

It's good to have a group of friends off to travel together, sometimes it's not about the place but the people right? So the Four Leaf Clover (group name who consist of me, Calvin, Sock Keng and Jie Xiang) decided to have a short trip to Cameron Highlands early of the year; we were planning for Ipoh one day trip at first. Since all of them staying at main land, so I need to travel in dark (laugh!) to SK's house and we made up our mind to have sinfully supper as a kick-start for our foodie trip. What's Nibong Tebal best with? Despite of their weekend night market which I never been before, the next will be the Seafood Porridge I guess.
We reached Cheng Hwa Seafood Porridge around 11.30pm where people normally prepare themselves to bed already. But guess what, this is the dinner for Calvin, by this you will know how he get his gastric; dinner, dinnuh seriously?! 
Photo while waiting for the food served. We were suppose to discuss our trip while waiting but we ended up talking crap throughout the supper session. We simply can't focus on the same thing for hours, we all trying to dig more stories, like the say: sharing is caring mah.
Seafood Porridge (4 pax) . RM62
Ta-dah! This is 4 pax portion of seafood porridge which consist only crab I think, and this one we added fish meat as well so that we wouldn't feel humdrum. You can actually order the porridge per person and choose the ingredients you like, they have crab, fish, prawn, minced pork meat and frog; unless you want them all then you can order a big one to share like us.
Another closer shot on the seafood porridge, I wonder why they want to put so much of veggies on top; we couldn't found the fish!
Look at the crab tongs, so fatty right? Frankly speaking, this crab is much fresher if compare with Tak Fok Seafood Restaurant's one; all their crabs are quite huge = a lot of crab meat! The chef help to clout the crab for us which is ease for us, the bad thing over here is the tiny crab shells might drop inside the porridge, I ate some of them but of course I did spat them out. I couldn't fully enjoyed the crab eating session with that, I need to check for the crab shells before I swallow the whole thing.
You guys wonder where is the fish? The brown thingy inside the bowl is that! They are not stingy on giving so much crabs for us (okay, we paid for it), until we almost finished the porridge, there were still have some crabs to grab. This called sinfully supper of the night.

Cheng Hwa Seafood Porridge
Location: 1115, Jalan Atas, 14300 Nibong Tebal, Penang.
Business Hours: 6pm - 12am; Closed on Wednesday
Contact Number: 012-4522899, 012-4572973

. . . . . . . . . . .

My CNY holidays ended like this. Awwh.

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