July 11, 2012

We are in the list!

Every Penangite should know that 7th of July is our public holiday, as Georgetown has been added into UNESCO's World Heritage list years ago, this is the fourth year. Applause. Planned earlier to pay a visit on few places that day just to get the liveliness environment with others, another purpose was to hunt more murals which drew by Ernest Zacharevic; should have go during normal weekdays.
Never step inside this Museum & Art Gallery although I have been staying in this state for almost 24 years, my first time, no kidding.
Upon this celebration, we don't need to pay for the entrance fee (it's just RM1 for adult and RM0.50 for children during normal day), finally recorded my name in the sign-in book which keep by the museum keeper. Was suffered while taking this photo as people were running here and there to get clue for their treasure hunt held inside the museum. Memorable stuffs in the house!
I fancy classic type writer for quite some time, I like the old-school feel; someone is offering a type writer for me, should I grab it no?
The next door of museum is St. George Church, my first time to walk on the grassy field, at last, so many first time for this day. 
Heard that this is Southeast Asia's oldest Anglican church and one of the oldest building in Penang, built by using convict labours. 
While people like to hold their head up high, I kept mine downwards, tracking and snapping on the symbols I found on the land, I even stood in the middle of the road just to take that bicycle sign. Insane but fun! Laugh
After lunch, we went for Acheh Street Cultural Festival, walked to there as some of the roads were blocked out for this event. Saw a crowd in the middle of the road, everyone is looking at this uncle to present his creative soap bubbles.
This is his masterpiece, beautiful! He named it as Crazy Bubbles, he can take anything to make bubbles, even a badminton racket.
Another mural at Armenian Street, last time when I was there, Ernest Zacharevic was drawing on it [click me]. A photo frame was put aside with "R.I.P Rocky" words on it, his dog? No idea but it also became the focus besides that kids.
Another! At first, the mural was talking about a kids playing with his flying kite; our creative Penangite went to edit it and draw the monster to replace the kite, Ernest Zacharevic feel this is cute and draw a string on its neck. Next come was the teenage with his motorbike. Penang always so happening!

. . . . . . . . . . .

Grab some items during that week, will only blog about it on another post.


  1. wow! i saw my shoes...>< but different colour with yours..haha!

  2. will the crazy bubble coming JB to perform? Wan to bring my kid go watch it le!

  3. *wk* haha, seriously? I like it in dirty pink/nude colour LOL but mine one seems dirty already, yours one in what color?

    *halien* wait until you have kids, I go show your kids the crazy bubbles LOL

  4. haha..ya, mine is dark brown(?)..

  5. That uncle is doctor chong!!!! :)