July 6, 2012

Eté Café, finally!

After the first session high tea at Huey&Wah Cafe [click me], we went to pick up Tien somewhere nearby her college. Wandered for quite some times and finally we made up our mind to go Eté Café which I longing for times since I read their articles months ago. Yippy!
It was not easy to get a parking lot in front of the cafe, only 2 to 3 lots are available; if you couldn't get the parking lot, just park somewhere nearby and walk to this cafe while enjoying the beautiful scene along the street.
The Eté Café is quite small, only 3 to 4 tables available in the cafe, the tippy seats in the cafe is the place where barista make their syphon coffee. Too bad we couldn't had that seats, we got ours somewhere at the entrance and let the sun beam splashed on us.
When I look up on our seats, I saw the girder painted in white, and decorated with a colorful cloth, gave me a feel of summer. Lovely!
You can request the cafe owner to put down their wood purdah if the sun make you sick, in front of the purdah are coffee gunny bags.
The only fan in the cafe if not mistaken, it's in natural color - green; looks so match with the blue tiles on the floor. 
With all certificates and photos hang on the wall, it's not hard to know that they got their blue ribbon at France for coffee and pastry.
Different kind of pastries put in the fridge, waiting for you to pick up. Some of these are French style pastry, might not suit Asian taste.
She was introducing coffee bean to customers, she named herself as 洋娃娃 (Baby Doll); cute no? She and her husband, daughter are from Taiwan, now staying at Batu Ferringhi and open their dream cafe. Influenced by her passion, I feel myself in love with coffee all over again although I did not ordered one. Promised her that I'll go back again to visit her and she will teach me to taste coffee.
Ice Fruit Tea (Caffeine free) . RM8
Sea Salted Caramel & White Chocolate Mousse (RM8) and Macaroons (RM12)
The mousse is awesome, not too sweet although mixed with caramel and chocolate; never thought that I'll in love with macaroons since my last try [click me] as my first impression to them is too sweet! Macaroons in Eté Café are totally different, not sweet at all and I like them all; brown for coffee, pink for roses and blue for lavender. The wooden table beatify this photo to the max. Love!

Eté Café
Add: 79, Lebuh Carnavon, Georgetown, 10100 Penang, Malaysia.
Business Hours: 12pm - 6pm; Closed on Tuesday
Contact Number: 6017-4350922

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Going to explore more and more cafe(s) in Penang!


  1. I love the mousse! and it surprised me, it is not sweet.

    btw, i saw your photo in her album XD

  2. Haha, really nice the macaroons and mousse!

    Yup I also saw those photos LOL