July 14, 2012

An encounter at Tofu Cafe . Beds & Bikes

Wanted to stop for this cafe for quite some times, was attracted by its cafe name, Tofu Cafe . Beds & Bikes, wonder why they named it as Tofu. This cafe not only offers daily breakfast and snacks, but also dormitory rooms and bicycle rental services, like a hostel.
This is how the entrance looks like, located at the roadside, you'll spot it once you turn into Beach Street from Magazine Street, easily.
Found this little aquarium once I stepped into the cafe, which have their cafe name on it, and fishes swim happily, idly inside it.
Self take photos by the owner and mirrors are hanging on the wall, irregularly, yet full of artistic feel.
I believe that all the photos are taken by the owner, Joyce and Lucas; printed them on the canvas and they are for sale too if you want.
Found another column, some sort like a message board from customers / owners, found beautiful postcards there which I heart so much! One of them even have this words on it: "The seed of love . begins here", me love! I forgot to leave my piece of message there.
Empty wine bottles and coffee cups are displayed under the message board, wonder when can I start to collect wood stoppers.
Bicycles in the cafe! They have a food trail night cycling tour around these areas if you have more than 4 friends are interested about it.
Each of the table have a decorated plant in wine glass, a unique ashtray instead of a normal one, and lot of plugs for your laptop.
Beetroot with Egg Toast . RM10.90
They are selling Soup and Toast together for RM16.90, I think it was my first time to try on the beetroot, taste better with the eggs.
Soup of the day, Tomato Soup. Always if there are choices for me, I'll not go for tomato soup, but that time I chose this instead of broccoli soup, and it didn't let me down, taste good! You still can feel the tomato texture in the soup, slurp

Tofu Cafe , Beds & Bikes
Add: 484, Beach Street, Georgetown, 10300 Penang.
Business Hours: 11am - 5pm (Monday, Thursday and Friday); 11am - 6pm (Saturday and Sunday)
Contact Number: 6016-4150757 (Lucas); 6016-4332306 (Joyce)

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