March 5, 2012

Where is the sun?

Bad weather for few days, shine on the day and rain on the noon to night; I dislike raining day whenever I am out, do not like the feel to get wet. They successfully trapped me at home during my weekend and I kinda enjoyed the day, where I can rest my mind. Laugh

. . . . . . . . . . 

I have Monday blue!


  1. Fish, you gotta love the water, simply because you are fish, you need water. LOL.
    Sometimes it's good to feel the world by getting yourself wet in the rain. but don get sick :p

  2. I'm a special one that's one I don't like water.. Hehe~
    I used to get wet in rain for times le, that's why i dont like lo

  3. Memang, i want drink and bath d water ma.. not get wet eh LOL