March 31, 2012

He made my day

Hang out with Joe and while he was enjoying his food, I was having fun with a baby boy besides our table; I like to see little angel's smile and listen to their laughter. Before I left the place, I asked permission to take photo with him, his parents so nice and said yes! Hooray
Showed him the photo, after a few seconds, he pointed on the screen and laughed; I guess he was happy to see his own photo. Cute!

. . . . . . . . . . 

His mother said: He like to lay his eyes on pretty girls. Am I?


  1. *ppwen* why you show that face???

    *KS* haha, yaya indeed!

  2. cos of what you asking in the end -.-|||

  3. Take photo with him only wo~ Haha, then they also call me help them one family take photo ma LOL