August 4, 2011

When life gets hard

No special feel when I stepped in my university, but I know I miss my sisters and friends, when will I get to meet you all? We were all discontent why we need to go back for our presentation, while other students who did they internship at other states need not go back. It just took around 3 hours to finished the session. Too bad that I need to leave earlier, lose a chance to spend time with roomie. No more food hunting after this, went to Ikea again for their food, and I really like the designs there, got some ideas for my future house.

Never saw the cafe with empty tables and seats, this was the first time; it's fasting period for Malays, and maybe it was during weekday. No food photos this time, or you can view back my old entries about Ikea. Good bye Kuala Lumpur, and say Hi to my lovely island.

. . . . . . . . . .

Sometimes, I feel stressful.

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