August 8, 2011

I live in a food paradise

Watched The Rise of the Planet of the Apes at Queensbay Mall, still enjoyed using my student card to buy tickets, Laugh. Was amazed by the intelligence of the apes, although it might because of some boost up; there might have this type of ape in real life.

Funfair nearby the mall, not really interested with those games, but I like to see people have fun with that, I was there juts to share their enjoyment. An Indian lady was then tell me: Go play some games, it is easy to win! She won the Bingo and got her daughter a toy.
With the body shape I have, people always thought that I didn't eat supper at all; I try very hard not to, but I'm still eat in the midnight! I always tell them: I live to eat. Laugh. My all-time-favourite, the famous Air Itam Duck Rice; their business starts right after 11pm until 3am in the morning. A great place to go if you fancy good food in the midnight, I go few times in a month, crazily.
You need to queue up to place your order, and it's self service to get your rice to your table; we seldom seen a stall with signboards like these, Penang is definitely a interesting place. If you come here late, the duck might be sold out and they will closed earlier.
Mixed-all-duck rice for RM4, quite reasonable for good food like this in the middle of midnight.

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