July 6, 2011

A surprise for her

Rushed back to my home after work just to get a bath before hang out with friends. Tried out a new restaurant located at Gurney Drive, just besides the Coffee Island, that's the place we had our dinner - Crepe Cottage; I never realize its existence.
I like the way they decorate their little restaurant, simple natural elements that bring out their speciality. Maybe they couldn't compete with those classy restaurant, but it's a great place to have some trifle with bunch of people; I had a great chit-chat with friends too.
It's a coincidence that all of us are mango lover, and we had this Mango Cup as our dessert; hard to describe its heavenly taste with words, you should try it your own. You can have a peek on my album to view more food photos.
People of the day. We helped Hooi Sim to have a pre-celebration of her birthday, she had no idea that we gonna make it this way; she was thought that we were just having a simple gathering before she went off to study again. Hope that you like it. Bear hug.
Green Tea Cheese cake from us, and the free ice cream pancake from Crepe Cottage. 

. . . . . . . . . . 

You didn't tell me a thing.