July 8, 2011

Little Indian in me

Today was the last day for Teeba's internship, we had a farewell lunch with her at a Indian restaurant, 'A' Curries nearby our company at Jalan Chain Ferry, Prai. Our supervisor didn't came along with us as he claimed that he don't like to eat Indian food. Oops. We did reservation and order first before we went there, too many people were going, while we just have one hour break.
Get to see a pot of flowers putting in front of the restaurant, they are believe to chase off the back luck.
Same like the Passions of Kerala, I order the individual set meal with a plate of curry fish, the only thing that differ is they have only 3 vegetables on the banana leaves; veges and rice on the top of banana leaves are free to refill. I was the only one who ordered the Mango Lassi; already used to have it whenever I go to an Indian restaurant.
Took a group photo at the main office, and we say farewell to her. If by chance, we will meet again. Smile.

. . . . . . . . . .

Never ever compare me with others. 

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