July 16, 2011

Back to 70's century

Bon Odori falled on the same day too, but I went to have a great dinner instead of going there; sorry for didn't met up my colleagues there, they were heading back to home when I just wanted to rush there. Dined at Little Cottage at Burma Road, they have another branch nearby my secondary school where I went there before with my ZooIsCute's buddies. The flowery wall paper make the shop looks vintage and the ambiance is so comfy with the songs they play. A good place if you feel to have a lazy feel and ease dinner.

Mushroom soup.
Baked bread with butter; the butter can melt easily when you placed it in the bread.
Creamy spaghetti.
Mushroom chicken, and this is just so-so; we sat near the window that makes me feel like I were in France.
The Beatles in Hard Rock Hotel.

Had a night stroll at the Hotel, seeing beautiful treasures that they display at the lobby; feel to immerse myself in this wonderful night and hoped that Sunday never comes. I love my day, the day full with old style life and vintage goods. 

. . . . . . . . . .

Italy, dream of us. 

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